Q: How does this coffee help me?

A: The natural ingredients of Fit Caffeine, boost metabolism, cleanse the body,suppress appetite and increase your energy level.

Q: Can my husband take it?

A: Its in a pink package with natural weight loss ingredients, but its still coffee... Yes let him have some!


Q: How many coffees can I make with each order?

A: Each can of Fit Caffeine contains enough for 28 days at 1 per day


Q: What does it taste like?

A: The quality of the coffee is at such level, that all you can taste is coffee.


Q: Can I really lose weight with this coffee?

A: For sure you can, but of course it should be mixed with physical activity to see premium results.

Q: How many can I drink a day?

A: We recommend 2 a day, and a maximum of 4 per day ( I personally drink 4)

Q: Is this product is safe for diabetics?

A: Several studies reveal that Caffeine helps reduce the risk of getting diabetics, but for those who already have it, makes it harder to keep blood sugar under control.
The best answer is: Please consult with your doctor, because each case, can be different, depending on gender and weight.
Like anything else, moderation is the key.