About Us

Who, How and Where:

We are Canadians, living in Alberta Canada.

Our product, is a delicious natural coffee. The coffee, a premium Arabica Bean, is produced in Vietnam and shipped to our medical lab where it gets blended with the best natural extracts.

All ingredients are 100% natural and there are ZERO chemicals added and ZERO sugar or salt added.

How it Happened:

We know what it is like to carry around unwanted weight, but above all, we Love Coffee!

Fit Caffeine™ began after an endless battle with weight issues and seeing more people like us struggle with feeling and looking good. After doing the South Beach Diet, the Atkins Diet, the Paleo Diet, and the list goes on, it just didn’t work for us.

So while having coffee with friends, I mentioned how good it would be if we could lose weight while drinking coffee, since we already drink it anyway. And that was the day the research began!

I contacted a medical research laboratory, and turning to organic extracts, we tested and implemented them into our coffee.

About 6 months later the perfect blend was found. A premium quality Arabica Black Coffee Bean, toasted to perfection and packaged in a beautiful recyclable cardboard can in Canada.

It was a long and busy run to get to where we are now...

Fit Caffeine was developed to help us feel healthy and Fit.



Fit caffeine coffee