11 Fantastic Weight Loss Secrets They Didn't Want You To Know

#1 Exercise, by itself, is ineffective!Girl Exercising with weights

If any trainer tells you his workout routine or equipment will burn off, all the fat, you should burn some calories and start running away from him.

To lose weight and keep it off, you have to pair exercise with a diet plan.

In fact, exercise alone leads to a very modest decrease in total body weight: less than 3 percent.

What’s worse:

For some, exercise alone as a weight loss plan induces more hunger, which can offset what improvements you’ve made.


#2 Don't focus just on carbs.

Bred Carbs diet

Cutting carbs can lead to weight loss, but only if it results in an overall calorie deficit says Georgie Fear, RD, nutrition coach and author of Lean Habits for Lifelong Weight Loss.

If you cut out all carbs but add lots of oil and nuts in their place, you might not lose weight because you aren't reducing overall calories.

You can even gain weight, as I have seen many people do.

Instead of demonizing or glorifying one single nutrient, try to reduce the overall number of calories you take in.


#3 Enjoy what you eat

Delicious food in pan

Here's a shocker:

If you're not taking the time to actually pay attention to what you eat, you'll never lose weight. In other words, mindlessly shoveling food down your gullet while you check e-mail or watch TV will likely cause you to overeat.

Instead, give your food your full attention, says Mitzi Dulan, RD, nutritionist for the Kansas City Royals and author of The Pinterest Diet.

Research shows that people who eat their food mindfully are 34% less likely to be obese than people who don't.

How can you become more mindful at mealtimes? "Only eat at the kitchen table," Dulan says. "This trick helps to avoid the unconscious eating that is often done on the couch, in bed, or at the office."


#4 Fat is an essential part of a weight-loss eating plan

Natural fat avocato

The trick is eating the right kind of fat.

Sure, saturated fat in highly processed meats and trans fat in desserts are bad for your health and waistline.

But good fats, such as monounsaturated fatty acids can actually help you lose weight.

Eating foods such as olive oil, nuts, avocados, and fatty fish including salmon is an easy way to add these fats to your diet. These fats can help increase how many calories your body burns and help you feel fuller longer.

A handful of nuts or some peanut butter on whole wheat crackers makes a terrific snack.


 #5 Watch what you drink and what you don't.

You already know that all sodas and drinks filled with sugar should be avoided, stop those now!

Instead here are a few things you should be drinking:

Three 24-oz servings of ice cold water per day will help you burn an extra 100 calories the ice cold water prompts your body to expend energy maintaining a 98.6-degree temperature.

And you should definitely adopt a daily java habit if you don't have one already. Coffee's caffeine ups your metabolism, so it can help you burn more calories. There are even some weight loss coffees

It's also been shown to improve endurance, so it may help you work out longer and harder.

Just don't go crazy with add-ins: Loading up your coffee with sugary syrups and nondairy creamers definitely won't help you lose weight.

Try some healthy Juicing recipes to get all the veggies and nutrients in you.


#6 Dairy can lead to shedding pounds

Hot chocolate dairy milk

A weight-loss myth that’s been around awhile is that dairy products make you fat.

But in fact, research shows that calcium deficiency contributes to weight gain and loss of appetite control. Plus, certain dairy sources of calcium, such as yogurt and low- or nonfat cheese, are more effective at speeding weight loss than other sources of calcium.

So, try this:

Eat three servings of low-fat dairy a day and it’ll likely accelerate weight loss.


#7 Get engaged to your diet

Get engaged to your diet

What does this mean?

It means don't just date your diet or have a one day stand with it!

Engage and keep it forever. Diets that promise fast and dramatic weight loss are exciting.

Unfortunately, science shows that you'll almost always regain any lost pounds as soon as the plan ends.  

Don't do anything to lose weight that you are unwilling to do forever.

If you aren't sure how bad something will be, test drive the habit for 2 weeks and then decide if it feels like something you can sustain.

If you can't make a strategy last without losing your mind, skip it.


#8 Early weight loss boosts confidence 

Trust yourself be confident

One trick many weight loss gurus like to emphasize is long, steady weight loss.

While they’re coaching you through this weight loss, they’re also likely draining your bank account in a long, slow fashion, too.

However, research has shown that you get a great psychological boost and can keep weight off if you lose weight quickly with your initial efforts.

A recent study has shown that shedding weight fast leads to a greater weight loss and longer-term success at keeping it off.

You can do it!  (say it with Arnold schwarzenegger's accent)


#9 Always carry snacks

Woman with apple

Many people are able to stick to their diets when they're in their normal daily routine, but things fall apart when they travel for business, eat out with friends, or go on vacation.

So it's like they're always taking one step forward and then another step backward.

But when it comes to weight loss, consistency is key, so be prepared before you deviate from your daily routine.

Take a coupe apples to work or even keep a few energy bars in a drawer at work.

When the hunger strikes don't wait too long, because the next time your body sees food it may start storing it.

Eat just three or four times per day and make sure you're actually filling yourself up. Eating fewer, more substantial meals helps you obsess about food less during the day


#10 Chocolate is actually good for you

Chocolate sandwich

The trick, though, is to nibble on chocolate that’s heavy on the cocoa and light on sugar or milk.

The cocoa contains loads of antioxidants and when eaten in moderation will lead to weight loss.

As another plus: those same antioxidants can boost the health of arteries and help avoid fat deposits, too.

Look for unsweetened cocoa to add to any recipes or dark chocolate bites for snacking


#11 Don’t rush your meals

Girl eating pasta

Eat slowly.

It can take half an hour for the brain to realize the stomach is full, so don’t rush your meals.

It’s a principal reason we overeat. Always put your fork down between mouthfuls.

Another trick I learned many ears ago, was to always leave something on your plate. This will train your brain to know that you don't always have to eat everything. The main reason i remember this particular weight loss trick is because I could never leave the table as long as there was anything left. ( even after being full)


That was the last of the 11 weight loss tips and tricks.

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 Quin Amorim


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