100% Natural Ingredients to Make a Healthier Coffee

A high quality coffee made with natural ingredients.

Fit Caffeine is a detoxifying and rejuvenating coffee blend of organic herbs and fruits which are formulated to support your immune system, and facilitate weight loss along with a healthy diet and exercise.

We start with high quality coffee beans from farms located in prime coffee-producing regions of Vietnam, roasted to perfection, then grounded extra fine in true European fashion, witch unlocks the coffee’s full flavor.
At this point we select some of the best natural extracts known to man, and, in a certified GMP laboratory in China we mix these healthy extracts with our super fine instant coffee.
GMP Cerified
Vacuum sealed in individual 3 gram sachets, its the perfect measurement to start your day with a smile. Each unit contains 28 individual servings.
Fit Caffeine coffee is ideal for every moment

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